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  "Aviculture: The Art & Science of Birdkeeping©" Seminar.  It is a full day (5 hour lecture) course designed to provide the participant with a broad overview of aviculture, from basic avian biology to conservation, husbandry and management of birds in captivity. It will be of interest to anyone involved in keeping birds, from the first-time bird owner to the long time bird breeder and hobbyist.  A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to each participant after the course.


   "Principles of Small Population Management for the Aviculturist©  Course". This is a 2 hour lecture which describes the importance of managing small populations in captivity, both genetically and demographically, to ensure viable and healthy populations for the future. Extinction processes of populations are discussed, both in the wild and in captivity. Real life examples of small populations managed in captivity are provided, as well as a description and explanation of the tools used to assist the aviculturist in the breeding program such as studbooks, husbandry manuals, population masterplans, etc.  This course is designed to provide the private aviculturist with basic information on studbooks and other tools to help them in the captive management of species in captivity.



   "Is Private Ownership of Endangered Species Compatible with Conservation?©"  This has been one of of the most popular lectures that highlights the successes and problems of private sector avicultural involvement in major conservation programs. The concept of "ownership" of endangered species by private individuals has come under attack from numerous sources. This presentation explores the role of the private sector in conservation, using the Spix's macaw and the St. Vincent Amazon programs as an example of the clash in philosophical approaches of the private and public sector.

   "The Evolution of Modern Aviculture©" This is a lecture that traces the history and evolution of modern aviculture from the late 1800's to the present, highlighting important milestones in US and international aviculture. It is of interest to anyone interested in birds as much of this information is not readily available to the general public or beginner aviculturist. Avicultural breakthroughs through research and with the help of private aviculturists and zoological institutions are highlighted. This is a very informative lecture with many "behind-the-scenes" stories.

   "Cooperative Breeding Programs for the Private Aviculturist"  This lecture highlights the reasons for the development of species management programs in aviculture to maintain populations for conservation and breeding programs. Examines current problems in avicultural approaches of dealing only with the pet trade, and provides information on how to establish cooperative breeding programs for species. Zoo based breeding programs such as Species Survival Plans and Population Management Plans also explained. 

   "Reintroduction: When is it a Reality?" This lecture explains the many misconceptions and fallacies of reintroduction programs. This lecture highlights the various avian reintroduction attempts, both successful and unsuccessful. It also addresses issues of adaptation of captive-reared animals to the wild, potential disease transmission problems and survival strategies.

   "Conservation of Neotropical Parrots" This lecture addresses the many issues facing the future of Neotropical Psittacines, from the Caribbean to Mexico to Argentina. 


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